Sunday, February 1, 2009

White House of Sport

I read an interesting article today about sports facilities at the White House. Apparently over the years the People's House has had indoor pools, an outdoor pool, tennis courts, a putting green, a quarter mile track, an outdoor basketball court, a horse shoe pit, and a bowling alley. It's pretty cool to explore all the sport preferences of our nation's leaders, and how they have influenced the White House.

Apparently Obama is considering turning the White House bowling alley in to a basketball court. It's a small thing (very small), but in light of the criticism the new President has thrown at Wall Street for misusing public funds, perhaps he should forget the hoops court on the public dime. Even if private funds are used for the renovation, it might be better for the Prez to ask contributors to give that money to a soup kitchen or battered women's shelter instead.

A little leadership by example in tough times could go a long way.


  1. Really? Seems to me another area for leadership by example is continuing to make fitness a priority. When you compare what it costs to have secret service escort him to a gym, wouldn't it be easier to have an in house way to blow off steam and calories?

  2. Fair point - except that the White House already has plenty of fitness facilities. No need to change them now.