Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dude...Where's My Medals?

Stop the presses! A twenty something celebrity with the world as his feet and a bajillion dollars smoked some pot! How will we ever explain it to our kids? Can he still be a role model? Is he worthy of his endorsements? He better apologize now!

America's drug policy, particularly as it relates to marijuanna, is ridiculous. It siphons public funds to stop a non-problem that will never be stopped. It makes teenagers engaging in normal teenage behavior in to criminals, and it takes personal decisions out of the hands of capable adults.

The Phelps story highlights just how dumb our laws and attitudes toward pot are though. The idea that this young man, who by all accounts has worked tirelessly to acheive greatness, is incapable of making decisions about his own body is just dumb. To possibly make him a criminal for a victimless crime is outlandish. We may question the wisdom of abusing his lungs given what he does, but surely it should be his choice to make.

Instead of issuing an apology, Phelps should just move to Amsterdam.


  1. U R Such a Pot Head.

  2. Bill: 1, Marijuana-phobes: 0

    Meredith told me you started blogging, so I tracked you down via Facebook. I figured that, rather than lambasting you for the self-induced myopia that blinds you to the problems that any (so-called) stimulus package will cause, I would compliment you on your pinpoint-accurate diagnosis of the irrational treatment marijuana is given in the failed War on Drugs. I wish more people understood that we don't need this sort of paternalism. Let us make our own decisions. What's next? Will we all have to submit to random screenings to make sure we're wearing sunblock at the beach? It's ridiculous.

    In general, it's quite enjoyable to read your thoughts on different subjects, even when I disagree with you. I look forward to more of your posts.